Engaging in Sports

When I was young I have a weak body, I am so thin and I easily got sick specially in the lungs part because I think when I am still a baby I was diagnose with bronchitis. if I over play specially if it involves running expect that I will cough my throat out at night and by tomorrow I can’t go to school because I am sick. I’ve been sickly until fifth grade but I lost already the interest in outdoor games. When I reach around 3rd year High School  one of my classmate introduce to a sport badminton. at first I find it boring and I don’t like it because I will hold the racket and exert energy to pass back the shuttlecock to my opponent and if your unlucky to face an opponent who is good with the sport he will play hard and make you run to catch up with shuttlecock. So I didn’t continue it. I prefer watching Television and listening to music. When I go to college they have this intramural  its like a sport fest which every department should take part in the sport, in our department no one would like to take part except in basketball and volleyball so what the professor did who is in charge for the badminton is he pick random student from every subject that he handle and I was being chosen yikes! not good at all. but as we do the 3x a week practice I come to enjoy it. I like how I sweat by stretching from side to side just to batter the shuttlecock, the movement is natural and it makes my body feel good, my mind is relax it makes me feel happy. that how I started enjoying and engaging myself to play badminton.

Common Health Benefits
Badminton is an active sport in which the player’s entire body gets a workout. This starts with the muscles and extends to the internal organs – the heart and lungs. Here are some changes that you may notice in your body and health once you begin playing badminton regularly.
  • Heart Health – your heart health relies on cardio exercises. This means increasing your heart rate to improve blood flow throughout your body. Since badminton is a sport where there are periods of rest followed by active swinging and movement, the sport can be considered one of the finer interval training elements. Those who exercise and play sports regularly tend to experience lower cholesterol levels as well as lower risks for cardiac disease.
  • Mobility – Mobility is a problem that many of us experience trouble with as we age. Keeping active throughout your life can help to prevent these problems in mobility. Badminton is an active sport that will keep you moving throughout the matches and thus, improving your mobility each time you play. Keeping mobile is important as it keeps your joints lubricated, preventing arthritis and similar afflictions from developing.
  • Flexibility and muscle strength– flexibility and mobility go hand in hand. The more you move, the more flexible you become, especially in a sport like badminton where swinging and reaching are constants. In addition to improving flexibility, players also gain muscle strength and endurance. Over time, muscles build up and gain endurance, allowing you to play better and for longer.

Acoustics Mixcraft Pro Studio

If you’re a music lover such as myself, it’s admirable to watch videos or heard of people who sang they’re own version of the popular songs that is being played in radios and televisions. They create their own background just by using those application that is available in their iPhone or android cellphones. In my own opinion as a listener and a viewer it would be better if they use mixcraft pro studio 7 at MF because this is not just an application that will offer less and limited features. It’s a Music WorkStation that offers with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effect, it even offer virtual instrument that will make your background sounds amazing, it can also record the audio so that you can return back from your first work and check for adjustment and edits, it also arrange loops, remix the track if you want to be creative with the sounds, it can also score and edit the video. It is best also to use in performing in stage because it mix and master tracks to create polished, professional composition. It automatically synced, gives non-stop audio and MIDI clip grooves using the flexible new performance panel. A perfect partner if you love doing a live performance, it will turn your computer into a fully stocked professional music production center wither you live or in your studio. If music is your passion don’t just stick with an application that will limit your performance, it is better to explore and have the one that you have varieties and features that you can enhance and develop your masterpiece for a good and satisfying performance.

Fabulous Local Guitar Center Store

There are people when they are just a little kid they’re parents discovered that they have talent. A talent in singing, dancing and drawing, most of the parents they will enhance that talent of the child by supporting them by enrolling in classes and lessons so the talent will be develop to its fullest potential. In television program they have more reality TV shows that focuses more on singing, as for me I love to sing, I go in karaoke bar with friends just to sing as it’s also my stress reliever.

But lately I keep thinking in buying a guitar because when I was young I want to know how to play the guitar, I remember in high school I always gone to my best friend’s house because her brother is good in playing with that instrument and he gives lessons and since I am close with them I got to learn it free of charge. When I ask my parents to buy me one they told me that there are other important things to use the money for than buy guitar. I understand them, so as I grow I neglect that passion. I focus more on finishing my degree and eager having paying job after that. Now, I earn my own money and I want to pursue that passion. They said it’s never too late to do want you want and this time I will finally do it.

As I was searching online I bump in to this local store that offer everything from giving choices and guides, they also cater lessons and classes not only in playing the guitar but also other instruments. They also offers beginners for playing acoustic guitar group class. They have the high skilled and knowledgeable staff that are happy and eager to assist and help. I really want to know how to play the guitar because if you love to sing even if you don’t have the voice of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston which is amazing if I possess by the way, however, learning or mastering how to play the guitar would be a dream come true. I will maybe seldom visit the karaoke bars because I will just sing in my place with my heart’s content accompanied by my awesomeness (soon) guitar talent.

5 Early Warning Signs of a Declining Brain

Just think, are you experiencing any of these 5 Early Warning Signs of a Declining Brain?

**Forgetting where you’ve put things, names, faces, or important due dates and appointments
**Difficulty remembering conversations you recently had, or things you just read
**Stopping mid-sentence, forgetting what you wanted to say
**Stumbling on words, suffering from lapses in concentration and being “scatter brained”
**Experiencing regular “brain fog”, where you often can’t think clearly or your thought process is slowed and murky

I just read this article (from bio trust nutrition) today when I open my inbox. Actually, it’s quiet alarming and familiar I may say. I am experiencing these 5 warning signs of a declining brain, woahh scary!!! What should I do now? I’ve been on and off online and this past couple of years i had neglected all my blogs. I decided to get back to it last month and I have been trying my hardest to update every one of them. I knew that my brain is deteriorating and not as it used to be (10 years ago), and I blamed it to depression, unemployment, stress and Kdrama or tv shows.