Foot Stopper Trick? by Juan Manuel Marquez

…and the winner is (drum roll) Manny Paquiao!!!

I heard so many negative critics among Filipinos that they were disappointed with the game and they’re not proud of Pacquiao victorious fight against Marquez. They have high expectation on Pacquiao and maybe wanted to see a real fight like knocking out the opponent but this time, seemed like Pacman got all the punches from Marquez.

Hence, Pacquiao wins majority decision over Marquez. Well, watch the video and find out what Juan Marquez did from round 6, 7, 8 and 12. J.M Marquez used the Foot Stopper trick to corner Pacquiao and made lots of punches at pacman’s face and head. Watching the footwork looks like they’re practicing for tinikling dance. j/k

Pacquiao did not knocked Marquez out but he was the winner, so let’s just be proud. I read this in the live blog of USA today;

12:52 AM ET: Manny: “Of course they’re unhappy, they’re fans of Marquez. But I clearly won the fight.”

One thought on “Foot Stopper Trick? by Juan Manuel Marquez

  1. Bugoy jud ni si Marquez no? Gitan-aw pud ni naku baya. Right after round 12, I thought pildi si Manny kay murag luya man ang quality gud sa iyang fight. Pero I realized nga di lang ko sanay to see him like that kay pang-knock out jud pirmi iyang agi ba. Right after seeing the punch statistics, dah oi, klaro man si Manny daug, smaot pa jud aning daya ni Marquez, champion pa japon si Pacman! Mabuhay si Manny! 🙂

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