Health and Sports 11-11-11

Welcome!!! Today marks the 3 years and 8 months birthday of my son Jake and a special once-a-century palindrome day which don’t have any essential meaning at all beside the numbers 11-11-11. Now i’m going to give meaning to this date by adding a domain and blog to my collection of blogs. I would like to thanks Nita of course for the free domain.

My new blog obviously is about health and sports. I am not health advocate nor sports aficionado but I just feel like I want a health and sports blog. Actually, my husband and my father love sports and I noticed that my husband’s family love sports which is typical of American family. So, I thought why not make a new blog about sports. Health is also a great topic to blog about. And here I am creating a new blog that falls on 11-11.11, so good luck to me!

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