I want To be Fit

I’ve been asking my friend who is a gym instructor before, what is the best way to stay fit and active everyday. I’m not young anymore and most of the time I easily get tire and sleepy if I do something like cleaning or just running some errands. He said that I’m just lock of exercise and I’m use to my new routine which is stay at the house the whole day, sleeping and eating. That I need to balance my time if I wanted to be physical fit and active. So, I’ve been thinking going to the gym or just wake up early in the morning and jog for a few minutes or hours at the park but my laziness keep winning. And if I go to the gym I would have to pay month and go there everyday which is a good thing but I don’t have that additional budget yet. He’s last advice to me since I always have alibis to all his suggestion is to wake up early and have my pets walk around the neighborhood and do some cleaning in that way I would not stick to just sleeping and eating all day. For now. I will try this new routine hope that it will progress soon. Because I want to free from heart attack and high blood pressure other unwanted stress.

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