Reduce your Sugar in your Diet

Simple tips on how to reduce your sugar in your diet especially to those diabetic people to make your body healthy and live healthy as will.

* Reduce or omit white sugar, brown sugar, honey, raw sugar and syrups.
* Choose fresh fruits or fruits and pure fruits juices with no added sugar.
* Limit foods high in sugar content such as lollies, soft drinks, icecream,cakes and sweet biscuits.
* Read food labels for sugar content – if the names sucrose, glucose, maltose, dextrose, lactose, fructose or syrup appear then the product contains sugar.

I read this on a recipe book I borrowed from my friend Guide to Healthy Eating. Hope it will help those who are health conscious and have healthy living people. Live your life to the fullest but that doesn’t mean we have to be irresponsible with our body, living life to the fullest don’t include suffering with illness and sickness right?

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