Sugar / Weight Control Guidelines

In 1983-1984, Australians consumed 44kg sugar per head with approximately three times more sugar used in manufactured foods than in home use.

There is no direct relationship between eating sugar and developing coronary heart disease, however: Sugar provides energy, but little else in the form of nutrition. A high intake of sugar can contribute to an excess kilojoules intake. Food high in sugar content often contribute very little fibre, making it easy to overeat these foods. So in order to control our sugar intake and be healthy always we have to make rules and be responsible eater. Follow a healthy eating plan, we need to control our selves in eating food that is high on sugar for our health benefits. Consume less kilojoules; eat less fat and fatty foods, eat less sugar and sugar containing foods and limit alcohol intake if possible. Increase physical activities and exercise regularly to be more healthy and active in daily routines. It will make life progressive and free of sickness and other kinds of illness.

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