2012 Do to List for Healthy Living

Since 2011, I’ve been thinking a lot of stuff on how to live my life happy and healthy. I tire of doing the same routine everyday; sleep late, wake-up late, most of the time eat once a day and stay at the house the whole day and if not go to the mall and eat in a fast food which is not good according to the fitness health representative I encounter while roaming the mall. It was a program of Milo cereal or milk something, I forgot already but the product they promote is for wellness and fitness. They ask me a lot of questions like do I drink milk or coffee, do i eat breakfast or do i often eat outside and the result is I don’t live the healthy life. That I should not eat outside too often and I should drink milk and eat breakfast because its the important meal of the day and a lot of stuff. So, my goal for this year is try as in try to control and follow my TO DO LIST if possible.

1. Star with Sleep early so I can wake-up early too.
2. Clean the house if I don’t want it too smell of poop and pee of my pets.
3. Try as is try my best to cook for myself, most of the time my stock in the ref will just got rotten.
4. Eat vegetable often than meat.
5. Try to walk my dogs in the morning and late afternoon so that all of us will have fitness and wellness.
6. Think of more TO DO LIST and make sure I do the 1-5 first before adding another in the list.

You guys what can you advice to live fit and well. Any thoughts??

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