A Story to Tell

Last year after the winning of my Bf’s NBA Favorite basketball team Dallas Mavericks, he’s still very much update at nba.com to know the latest about the game and his Fav Dirk Nowitzki. Of all the players in that team this guy is his most idol and all because his tall and can really play the sports really well nd also they have the same birthday hehe. And learning that NBA will star airing again he was very happy and at the same time mad because some of the good player on that team transferred to other teams like barea and Chandler to name the few. He was sad and disappointed maybe that is what most fan feels if their most like team don’t have the same player in this season but still he is dallas mavericks fan because dirks is till there hehehe. Most of the time when I’m using the laptop he’s always there to monitor if the dallas are playing because our TV is not cable so their is no chance for him to watch the game. He just watch the reply online and some of the few high lights of the game and every time the dallas got beat-up by other team he will be in the bad mood for a few minutes and keep talking about it over and over and I’m just there to listen not trying to comment or anything. I never experience that kind of feeling towards my FaV actor or player but they all say people have different personalities and behavior right? so, who I’m to laugh at him but sometimes I feel he’s over acting towards his Idol.. hehehe That’s all for now, I have to find my badminton rocket so i can play badminton tomorrow. I want to try playing basketball but we don’t have a ball and our basketball court are full of guys playing that sports.

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