Badminton or Tennis?

I been thinking about my new years resolution or the things I will to this 2012 to be more progressive and healthy as will. Before, my friends and I play volleyball but since we live in different places and I really wanted to have a pastime to be stress free. I was thinking what could be the best game that I can enjoy and at the same time have my exercise like before. We already have a badminton rocket but I have to buy a shuttle because the old one is missing but i want also to try tennis for a chance. I never played tennis before but I have a friends who enjoy playing tennis than badminton but the rocket is too expensive for me. So what would it be? Badminton or Tennis this games has many similarities but which one is for me.

Badminton main equipment.

This two games I think has a lot of similarities, like they this two sports used rockets. It may not be the same rocket but still a rocket. And both games use nets in between players to challenge them play their shots. Of course, badminton scores over tennis in this aspect as the net is tied at the height of 5 feet, much taller than tennis nets. Tennis and badminton is both games have men’s singles, doubles, women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles both the games feature in both Olympics and Asian games too.

Tennis game main equipment

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