Basketball Fanatic

I only love to watch basketball when our barangay before plays every fiesta but since we move to the city I seldom watch live basketball. Well, there are NBA (National Basketball League) and PBA (Philippines Basketball League) but I often watch it, well, actually I only watch it when my father insisted on taking control the remote because he like to watch his favorite team which is the PBA. And my BF is another story, he likes as likes to watch NPA every time he visits me in the house she will go directly online and search to know the latest updates and if his best team (as he claim it to be) won despite the changes of players. He like/love the Dallas Mavericks most especially when last year the dallas team won over miami heat. He even spend big amount on beat with his friends who on the other side a big fan also of the miami heat. As I observe that time I think he is the only one of his circle of friends who loves Dallas mavericks so I just supported him with his prayer to let his fav team win ant it really won. The time some of his friends makes jokes on him that his fav team won because the team has been underdog for many years and he just laugh and called them losers. Funny how this grown up man became childlike when their favorite sports are involve. And my father most of the time went to our neighbor who also love basketball just to watch the game and make a conversation after the game.

Dallas Mavericks winning shot and my BF’s love photos. cheers !

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