Heart Attack, No Warning

This kind of attack are often experience from young people today. I have a friend, her husband died in his sleep without knowing what is the cause of his death. She just accepted it that maybe it’s his husbands time to go. Now, she take care of their fur year old daughter and my friend is still in her early thirties. What are really causes this sudden death to people. The 1989 statistics from the Philippines Health Statistics report showed a life expecting of 67 years for female and 63 years for males. Yet higher and higher numbers are dying from heart disease every year.

Not Many years ago, it was thought that only old people had heart attacks, and to some extent that was true. heart disease is still the greatest single killer of men and woman over the age of 60. Today, however, heart disease is sticking down younger and younger people. It is really sad that young people are suffering from heart attack. So, While we still active and breathing why not do something to prevent this from happening to us. There are still the basic prevention for this, eating healthy food, exercise daily then a check up if you feel something is not right. In that way we can still enjoy life and be with our family for long.

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