My Mother’s Herbal Plant

Thanks to my sis for this new blog. hehehe!~

She put this in her water and drink it before going to sleep, sort of herbal medication for her Diabetes and high blood, i don’t know if its really effective or not, heheh.. It taste bitter and she like it aside from taking her other meds. She just plant it in a sky-flakes pot because our house is not that spacious like before. linking this to #26/366 Blog Photo Challenge. and i don’t know the name of this plant either. hehehe

12 thoughts on “My Mother’s Herbal Plant

  1. looks familiar to me, not sure…can u pls tell me what’s the name of this plant so i could tell it to my cousin who recently had been diagnosed with diabetes.

    thanks in advance.

  2. wow! innovative! πŸ™‚ i am hypertensive myself and i’d like to go natural, too. please, if you can research the name of this plant, i’d be really glad to know it. πŸ™‚

    late visit for bpc #26.

  3. i did not know that this can cure diabetes but i remember hearing that this pancit pancitan (as they called it) was indeed a medicine. thanks for the visit and hope you can join our green monday meme too at

  4. my mom and dad has a herbal plant too for their diabetes, but its a seed that grows in a vine. pretty effective according to them. =D

    visiting #26/366 of BPC

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