Need Vitamins

We all know that our body need vitamins for our immune system so we don’t get sick easily. My sister use to bring us vitamins for my parents and I just stole a few for myself. Before, I buy vitamin C for my immune system but I stop instead of taking tablets I just buy fruits that has lot of vitamin C like orange and apple for fiber. The value of eating a certain food to maintain health was recognized long before vitamins were identified and vitamin is required as a vital nutrient for our body.

o Vitamin A cause problems related to eyesight such as night blindness.

o Vitamin B cause diseases like Beriberi, Anaemia, and poor resistance to diseases.

o Vitamin C causes gum bleeding, weakness, loss of appetite and tiredness.

o Vitamin D causes deformation of bones and teeth.

So it is really necessary to take vitamins supplement but its still best to eat foods that has those vitamins need in our body. It is really important to have a healthy body not only for ourselves but for our family too. Improper diet will lead to vitamin deficiency and related health problems. Vitamins are very vital to maintain a healthy body.

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