Exercise Addict

One of my friends love to go to the gym and do his morning routine, which is lifting barbels and stuff. Most of his time was in the gym making his body big and strong because he wanted to be healthy. He knows this place that not only have a gym facilities, but also have other sporty facilities that will help him achieve that goal, you know? Being healthy and have big muscles. It will help him with his job because he’s a bouncer and most of his friends are bodybuilders. He wanted to be like them and join bodybuilding competitions. And if he doesn’t feel like going to the gym he will go swimming because one of the facilities in that place is a swimming pool. Swimming can also help him be fit if he doesn’t want to lift heavy stuff in the gym. That swimming pool is intended for athletes and student in the nearby public school.

The swimming pool was big, I don’t know the size, but it’s enough for the student and people who want to exercise through swimming to perform their PE swimming lesson and all. That kind of swimming pool maybe equip with the best inground pool pump because the water is always clean not like those swimming pool I’ve visited.

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