Looking for a New Sports Wear

I was amaze when i visited the mall yesterday. Some of the store are close because of renovation and some are vacating their place just like one of the store I like to visit when its still open. I was shock when I went to that store and found out that they’re gone and a new sports wear and equipment are occupying it right now. That mall has already lots of store that sells sports wear and sports equipment but maybe people are fun in buying it because they put another sports wear store in that mall. I was curious and scan some of it but I can’t take picture of it because the sales person are following me all over the store. And I don’t like people following me when going window shopping. I notice that they have nice sports wear and I wanted to buy for myself. I been thinking having a sports or something but I have to pay my bills first. They have for jog outfit and going to gym. Nice and trendy maybe I would go back in that store and buy a pair for myself. I wanted to to fit and healthy because I been having backaches and cramps this past few this. And I heard exercising help dysmenorrhea problem and I been hating it for like forever, the dysmenorrhea thing.

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