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Most woman suffer from dysmenorrhea and that includes myself. Every is my monthly routine, suffering from pain due to dysmenorrhea and most time I take medicine that take away the pain but I heard that taking pain reliever had effect in our body. So, sometimes I just endure the pain because I don’t want to suffer the side effect in the near future. It’s says there are two kinds of dysmenorrhea: the primary or congenital forms in which no abnormality can be found in the pelvic organs, and the secondary or acquired form in which some abnormal condition causes the pain. I already went to the OBGYN for check up, thank God they didn’t find any abnormalities in me. The acquired form may result from pelvic inflammation, tumor of the ovary or uterus, or obstruction to free uterine drainage. Obstruction may be caused by scar tissue following surgery or by a small tumor in the uterine canal, most often in the cervix.

Correct health habits help make the female organ function properly. It is remarkable what favorable result sometimes follow correction of constipation. Taking cold, exposure to cold or wet, mental stress, late hours, and dissipation are common causes of menstrual pain, especially if they occur shortly before the flow begins.

For the relief of pain, heat or any other means of increasing the pelvic circulation will often help the flow to start. Once the flow is well-started, pain will gradually subside expect in cases where obstruction is causing the trouble.

What To Do :

1. Two days before the expected time for the flow, reduce the amount of work and increase the amount of rest. Take a warm tub bath or a warm half bath each evening for half an hour.
2. When the flow starts, go to bed and keep hot-water bottle to the feet and lower abdomen.
3. A hot saline enema will help both to clear the bowels and to relieve the pain.
4. Fomentation over the lower abdomen and lower back often give relief from pain.
5. If distress persists after giving the above program mention a fair trail, consult a physician. He may find that some abstraction is causing trouble. If so, surgery may bring relief. If not, he may be able to give other useful advice, and may recommend a mild analgesic.

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