Still Helpless In Sports Issue

I’m not really into sports kind of gal and I seldom watch or got interested in sports. But I keep myself open to possibilities that someday I will have idea about sports issue and all. Sure, I like watching basketball if I got nothing to do or I want sporty kind of movies that time. I even watch UFC, it keeps me entertain most of the time and it’s really fun to watch those strong guys do their kickboxing stunt in the ring. What else? I like badminton and I really want to try tennis if it’s possible because the tennis racket is expensive. Once in college, I plan to play basketball and volleyball but chance my mind because I don’t know how too and just enjoy watching our department got defeated. Their is a bunch of sports I really wanted to try since I was in my elementary years but never had the chance or pursue one of them. Mostly because, I’m afraid that something might happen to me. Yes! I’m a bit coward in pursuing what I want and wanting to be a sports enthusiast.

And now, I’m lost of words in writing sports ideas and article to encourage people that sports is really fun and healthy and also I don’t know how to sum up to write a sports article for this blog. Mostly health because I have a friend who is a health bum and once I lived with my sister who like to go to the gym to exercise after her teaching job. All in all, I’m a loser when sports is the topic, mostly I just agree with my boyfriend when he talks about basketball because I seldom watch NBA. Well, I wanted to but I have been neglecting watching TV since last year and watching online is hard to because the connection sometimes is not pleasant and one of my charming characteristic is not being patient, I hate waiting. I’m saying this because I been reading sports article and still nada. I can say I’m still really really helpless when it comes to sports.

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