Take One Step at A Time

That is what i always told myself and my friend who’s in training right now for bodybuilding competition this coming months. He’s been going to gym most of his time because he wants to prepare in that competition. Actually, that plan was last year but he got tire of making his self and body fit for that competition because of his work schedule. He will go to work from 7pm to 2am because he works at a bar and restaurant. He always go home late and if he wanted to go to gym badly his body will react due to lock of sleep and tire form work. Since, he didn’t got the chance to compete last year, his planning to compete this years and been busy training in the gym to be more prepared.

Seriously, I’m proud of him because he really wanted to join bodybuilding competition badly but unexpected problem usually come in the way but now he is more serious and determine to join bodybuilding this year. Everyday, he take multivitamins for his immune system and stress so he can train everyday and he sees to it that he will have enough sleep and rest after work. He even buy some supplement for it. He said it will keep him more motivated and energetic and who I am to argue with that. All I want for him is to be happy in what he do and so far he is very much happy. He sometimes forget about me because all he got to do is training! training Training. He said he will train step by step so no problem will come in the way and that what really important. You cannot fast forward anything you want just because you wanted to be big and all. Just like the song ” Take one step at a Time” why rush when the competition is a few months ahead. Might as well enjoy your training and slowly but surely.

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