Thinking About My Health

I seldom eat because I too lazy to cook food for myself so most of the time I go out and eat outside but not in a fancy restaurant that you can choose healthy food. I always go to a food chain because is more cheaper than a fancy restaurant and also because I’m not use to dining in fancy restaurant. So often than not I eat mostly not healthy food and I seldom escape lunch, diner most especially breakfast because I always wake up late. My mother always told me that someday I will be the one suffering this kind of behavior because it is not right to skip meals in a day but because of my stubbornness I always end up hungry every night. Sometimes I dream of food and other delicious food while sleeping but I just drink water because I don’t want to cook food for myself and I can’t go outside to eat because their are no open karenderia in our neighborhood. I even plan to do morning jog so I can condition myself and that maybe I can always cook everyday and don’t skip meals but it’s still no use I’m still lazy as a me. Now, I’ve been suffering stomach pain and sometimes feel dizzy because I forgo that it’s already lunch and I never had my breakfast yet. This is what my mother want me to understand, that it is very important that we eat 3 times a day especially breakfast because that food will help us the whole day. SO, from now on think for your own health first before anything else because healthy body means you have a beautiful and healthy life.

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