Diet on Health

Doctors advises a patient to loss weight because of heart troubles and high blood pressure and having baby fats is not really a big of a deal, what’s important is that you’re physical fit and healthy. Some may want to loss weight the natural way like eat fruits and exercise daily, but some of us will resort to fast and less hardship just to loss weight. Taking diet pills or depriving themselves to eat properly just for the sake of losing that extra pound without thinking the diet pills side effects in their bodies. I’m not judging or saying you do the natural way even if the result will take a few weeks, months or even years. It’s our body and we can do whatever we want with it, but we still have to be responsible enough because we are still the one suffering in the end. And spending more money just because we anticipate the side-effect of our action and just got carried away because we want to loss weight the fastest way is not enough reason.

Being fit has a lot of advantage, the fact that you’re not easily get sick and you enjoy your life free from all the contagious illness that is lurking around. Of course being fit is a lot of work, following all the guideline. Eating only foods that will not harm your body, all the vitamins and the source of energy to last the whole day. Having a body that is light so you can move faster and won’t have a hard time looking for sexy dresses for a date is fun, but we have to be more responsible to our body. Never sacrifice your health just to loss some unwanted fats.

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