Facts and Alternative Solution to Coffee Addict

Coffee is the favorite hot drink mostly all of us. Most of us love to hang out in a coffee shop or just buy our own coffee maker so we can decide what kind of coffee taste we like. Those who drink coffee dote in its aroma and flavor. But taste and aroma alone do not account for the popularity of coffee. Coffee gives a lift which so habituates its users that they cannot perform their usual activities without drinking a cup or two. It becomes a crust on which they depend for a starter in the the morning, for a pick-me-up at the coffee break, for pep on social occasion, and for a stimulation to stay awake. A cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams (1.5 grains) of caffeine.

Caffeine is a drug familiar to the physical, it being an old-time stimulant. It stimulates primary the brain, it may also stimulate the heart, increasing the blood pressure and quickening the pulse. It also increases the amount of water eliminated through the kidneys.

What to do about coffee addiction, as I read in the in the health book, probably the factor which it difficult to quit the use of coffee is that gives a lift from its use. We could use or find a harmless, better way to provide a comparable lift. A good active physical exercise in the morning maybe will help to lift you energy than drinking coffee, followed by a contrast shower. It will stimulates the respiratory and circulatory system and improves the functions of the body’s organs, including the brain. As learning to take the amount of exercise that suit the individual needs and to vary the severity of the contrast shower so that it comes within your ability to react favorable to the cold water which follows the hot, it will experience a wholesome lift that will last through the morning.

The form of exercise should be of your own choosing. It can consist of walking, setting-up, work on your garden, bicycling and be careful not to exceed your limits of endurance during the exercise period. The contrast shower which follows the exercise immediately should provide hot water at the beginning– working up to the temperature just as high as you can tolerates. After three or four minutes of it, turn off all the hot water and use cold until you become accustomed to the procedure and don’t spend to long time in the cold water. But if this won’t work their is always another alternative to coffee right?

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