Handing Emergencies: First Aid for Bruises

A bruise is an injury to the deeper tissues. The small blood vessels are broken in the bruised tissues and blood escapes into these, causing them to swell an become dark in color. It is this blood in the tissue spaces that that causes a bruise area, as it heals, to appear black and blue.

This are some of the remedy to be done for your bruises:

1) As soon as possible, bathe the bruised part with cold compresses wrung from ice water or immerse the bruised part (such as hand or foot) repeatedly in an ice-water bath a few minutes at a time. This limits the amount of blood that escapes into the tissues and reduces the swelling that will occur.
2) If it is extremity that has been bruised, keep the part elevated so that it is about level with the body. Also, keep the injured parts at rest for several hours. These measures help and reduce the flow of blood in the part and thus limit swelling.
3) By the next day it is time to use measures that increase the flow of blood thought the area of injury so as to promote healing. This is accomplish by the use of contrasting heat and cold. If the injury involves a part of the body that can be easily immersed in a container of water, use a hot foot-bath or hot arm bath, gradually adding hot water to increase the temperature as much as the patient can reasonably stand. After keeping the injured part in a hot water for about three minutes, place it quickly, for about half a minute, in ice water. Repeat this several times at each treatment with about four treatment a day. If the main part of the body or the head is involved, use hot compress (being careful to avoid burs), followed by brief use of a cold compress wrung from ice water.

Hope this help for bruises accident.

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