Looking for Alternative Remedy

As as was saying, we have a lot of broken things in the house that needed immediate attention. The cabinet, my laptops mic and more but first I need the fix my electric fan badly since its already summer and the weather is very hot. We do have air-condition (AC ) in the other room but I seldom use it because I already have pending bills of my electric bill. The electric fan only has minor problem and that is what I need to find a home remedy since I still need to hire person to fix it and the other stuff. I don’t know a lot about fixing stuff but I guess I can take care of the electric fan problem. All I need is a threaded rod that I can use to hold its head (one that release air) because that was broken. My electric fan is old maybe that’s why the neck that holds its head broke down and I really need to fix it right away but I don’t have time to buy the need parts for it. Maybe I just call my father and ask for some alternative for the time being. Fixing stuff is not my most charming attribute but I can still do the job anyway.

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