Physical Fitness: Middle-aged Brainworkers

Middle-aged persons whose work is sedentary suffer more than others from lack of exercise. Their jobs require them to use their brains, not their muscles. When quitting time arrives, they feel they have done their day’s work, they feel tired, not because they have use their muscles but because they have used their nervous energy and this fatigue robs them of any desire to exercise after working hours. Even factory workers often push buttons instead of using their heavy muscles and modern housewives do much of their work by machine. Person or even I prefer using the elevator than climbing the stairs for good physical condition exercise. It becomes necessary to find other ways of keeping active.

Most people whose jobs do not involve physical efforts recognize that they would enjoy better health if they exercise more with the five-day week, however, they plan for this only on weekends. This plan, thought somewhat commendable, has two disadvantages. 1) activity on one or two days out of the week is not enough to keep daily activity to satisfy the need for exercise, just as it takes two of three meals each day for nourishment according to the book I read about modern medical health guide. 2) a person who has not exercised all week may exceed his personal imitations by overdoing hi exercise because he is not in good trim, the fatigue of his weekend activity carries over for the next two or three days, reducing his usual efficiency and damping his enthusiasm for more exercise.

For the average middle-age person, the minimum time for exercise should be six to ten hours per week, and not less than forty-five minutes each day. thus, he should remain in good trim and be able to tolerate longer periods of exercise on weekends. It is preferable to take daily exercise in small doses. Walks morning, noon and evening would be nice of if you do some errand in that certain time. Daily exercise should be sustained for a long enough period to bring on a healthy fatigue. Moderate weariness after exercise promotes sound sleep and thus restores one’s energies for the next day.

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