Common Nutritional Sins

According to the book I read. There are at least five common dietary customs responsible for widespread malnutrition and these are the five nutritional sins exact their penalty and keep transgressors from enjoying vitality and good health.


Eating more food than the body requires causes extra calories to be stored in the body as fat. The result is overweight.


Eating between meals snacks is detrimental on four counts: 1) It lessen the appetite for regular meals; 2) it deprives the digestive organs of the normal rhythmical of function which permits them to rest between meals; 3) it tends to raise the total intake of calories for the day above the desirable limit (thus encouraging over-weight); and 4) it encourages the eating of junk foods low in vitamins and minerals, the confections and highly refined foods.


Along with the custom of eating frequently and irregularly goes the tendency goes to prefer candy bars, ice cream, soft drinks, and other sugary foods instead of the usual well-balance regular daily meals. It’s True that sugar provides quick energy, for it contains many food calories, but these “empty calories” are not accompanied by important vitamins and minerals. In satisfying the appetite by food high in sugar content, one loses his desire for more subtly flavored foods which contain in their natural state, the necessary protein, vitamins , and minerals.
Another important disadvantage from eating too much sugar is its detrimental effect on one’s teeth. It used to be assumed that sweets damaged the teeth mainly because of direct contact of sugar with the enamel.


Food manufacturers process their products; to preserved the food during transportation and marketing and to increase its appeals to the customer. Processing food includes removal of substance that favor spoilage, removal of water, additional of preservatives, additional of vitamins and minerals to make up for what has been removed, and additional substances which improve the taste or color. Processors make an effort to preserve and restore the nutrition values in food, as shown by their enriching of refined foods with vitamins, minerals and protein.
There are no adequate substitute for fresh foods and foods which have undergone a minimum of processing. Because of the convenience of obtaining processed foods, a person can subsist too largely on them to the neglect of fresh foods.


Eating breakfast is the most important thing according to many. It implies the first meal of the day. But the most reason why we always neglect eating breakfast is ” I don’t have time”. This excuse probably indicates intemperance in a person’s sleeping habits. Failing to get enough sleep because of not getting to bed on time, the dissipates rises late and prepares quickly for his first appointment, slighting breakfast. This indifference to breakfast easily becomes a habit until many persons honestly claims, “I don’t feel hungry for breakfast.”
During the night the energy necessary to carry on vital physiological function has been drawn from the body’s store until these are partly depleted. Now, in the new day, it’s important to replenish them. Breakfast, then, should be nutritiously adequate and should consist of more than just enough food to carry a person through the next couple of hours.

Being healthy is really important and eating the nutrition foods need in our body is one those step to achieved a healthy body and lifestyle.

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