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Even if our hair was never a contender for a shampoo commercial– and really, whose is? And probably notice that over the years, it hasn’t been what is used to be. It’s either duller and feels rougher to the touch (just like mine) or the color isn’t as intense as it once was. I remember before, I use to have a very bouncy and free of split-ins hair, but now, I don’t know what happen. And it might not grown as long as we would like or worse, it might even be thinning or falling out. Any of this would be enough to send us screaming into the night! By keeping our hair in this less-than-ideal state, we could be heaping on years to our appearance, consider how many of our favorite local and international artist who has a beautiful and healthy hair spring to mind. Looking so significantly younger than their age because of their gorgeous hair. Of course, they might owe that to fantastic genes and a few artist tricks, but more likely than not they also rely on good home care and turn-back-time hairstyles and so can us. Learn to reclaim younger, healthier hair.

Short and Sexy Hair, A pretty ponytail, long layered or you hair style

How to get it: Top 5 healthy Hair Habits

1) Shampoo Smartly, It really makes a difference what type of shampoo we use. Using a shampoo that contains a high percentage of the lathering agent sodium laureth sulfate can leech moisture out of our hair. So it is wise to choose the shampoo for your hair. 2) condition Carefully, 3) Style Selectively 4) Tread Lightly on Treatments and 5) Get a Timely Trim.

5 thoughts on “For a Healthier Hair

  1. I’ve accepted the fact that my hair will end up dry as always. I’m a Muslim and wearing a hair dress aka “hijjab” in Arabic. How I really wish to have a smooth, shiny, and straight hair though.

    Thank you for the tips.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I love my hair; I’d marry it if I could. But since I couldn’t, taking good care of it is the best thing I could do for it.

  3. I agree with your post on shampoo, it can strip off too much oil sometimes.

    Anyway, I discovered using conditioner lang. From what I read from cosmetic chemist websites meron din daw syang surfactants.

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