Luck of Vitamins, Maybe?

Thinking and doing is really a two different things. I’ve been saying that I will be more caution to my health now because I want to be fit again but sad to say it’s just all in my mind. I was just thinking too loud maybe because until now, I still continue my old ways, which is neglecting the proper nutrition which our my body needed and eating daily meals late. I’m having abnormal period just like last week. It’s normal for me to have dysmenorrhea but last week is like I’m having a pain attack. I feel all parts of my body is hurting and in pain. I can’t do anything but to take pain reliever to ease some of those pain and manage the remaining pain. Maybe their something wrong with me and I’m too scared to go to the doctor to have it check-up and now, I’m sick.

Normally, I take vitamin C and some of the supplement my sister send us but most of the time I forgot to take it. And before, I always buy fruits like apple and orange but I got tired of going out to buy those fruits. Taking vitamins is really important especially vitamin C because it helps our immune system from viruses like runny nose just like what I’m suffering right now. I’m too old for this but I guess their is no age limit if your health is the main concern right?

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