Not a Healthy Lifestyle

I’m not into night life and I already stop my old vice like drinking because I just want to be healthy. For the past months, I started to be more careful about my health. I force myself to cook so I can eat my everyday meals, buy fruits and went to the gym but lately , I was being careless. I always sleep late and most of the time I’ll read till morning then I sleep for few hours and back to reading or surfing the net. Even if I could sleep early because I don’t have anything to do anymore, but my body has a clock of it own. I can’t sleep even if I wanted to, and I always eat late because I wake up late like 12 noon. And once you wake up late, all the cells in my body is too tire to do the cooking or the cleaning. So, most of the time I don’t eat breakfast which is  the very important meal of the day and I eat my lunch around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. At first, my stomach was complaining but now! It’s a different feeling. hehehe. I don’t feel hungry until evening. And I don’t always clean the house, which is very important because I have a pets. I don’t go to gym or do a few hours jog anymore because I’m too tire to go out and to some exercising. Most of the time my body is tire and my muscles is aching even-though I don’t move that much.

I should try to get back to my old self again, the gym or just do a few laps in the morning but before I accomplish that I should try to wake up early and in order to do that, I have to sleep early as well. They say that sleeping eight hours everyday will make your skin not dry, make your body rest the required hours. So, when we wake up in the morning we’re not tire and we can accomplish a lot, do the everyday routine with a smile. But I guess, I need to condition my body first to be back to the old me. Having this new lifestyle gave me a very tiring day everyday, to the point that I don’t want to wake up anymore, but I just could not do that, because I have to feed my babies. Hmmmmm but they all say health is wealth, so I would start with a smile and hopefully things will change the sooner the better.

4 thoughts on “Not a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. The adage, health is wealth is very true. Having adequate sleep and eating breakfast are true facts we hear from our ancestors. Change is subjective and I hope you find the courage to do that soon. Break a leg 😀

  2. YOU SHOULD EAT BREAKFAST. 🙂 It is the most important meal for the day and to start your day, a bountiful breakfast should do the thing.

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