Stomach Cramps

Do you experience a lot of stomach cramps not only on you menstrual period? Maybe most of us experience it, like abdominal cramps, muscle cramps and other parts of our body. I read this on one of my sister’s books while cleaning and rearranging our bookshelf. Cramping pain in the abdomen is usually a symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. Abdominal cramps are an important symptom in intestinal obstruction, the cramping cramping pain may come from indulgence in alcohol, “intestinal flu,” food poisoning, a overdose of cathartic, poisoning by certain drugs, typhoid fever, dysentery or cholera. And also abdominal cramps occur in normal pregnancy, but forceful constructions in pregnancy are to be taken seriously as thy may indicate the onset of premature labor. So, it is very important that we must be aware and be more observant and caution in terms of pain or cramps.

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