The Neighbor towards NBA Finals

Last year NBA Finals between Miami Heat and The Dallas Mavericks, my boyfriend was very much into it. He skip his every day gym, wake up early and just stay at home every time Studio 23 plays the final game. And keep on texting and teasing his friends that his “all time superlike team, The Mavericks” won. And now, another NBA final is currently showing on TV and my noisy neighbor is voicing out again. Last time, it was the boxing fight between pacquiao vs Bradley. My pets that time was also busy barking at the people all over the neighbors house. I think all their friends and co-worker visit their house to watch the fight. Then, here comes the NBA final of Miami Heat and Ocklahoma and it is not surprising that the gang is having fun watching the game. Every points, dunk, foul and more they have to shout. Hopefully, my pets are getting use to it right now. They just let the neighbor be and that is a good thing, I don’t want our other neighbors getting angry at me because my pets are very noisy. But I don’t blame our neighbor and at the same time I’m getting use to the noise they create every time something exciting and happening in their house.

I think every body is exciting about the finals between Heat and Oklahoma, the final judgement. The finals use to have 7 games but since the heat is on the lead with 3 wins in game 5. And if the heat win the game 5, they won’t be any game 6, the heat would be the winner. Even the social network FB are busy posting encouraging remarks between the two teams and hopefully, no one will be that disappointed of the result. Me?, I don’t need to watch the play, I just listen to my neighbor because I surely believe they will talk about the game during the play and later and for a few days. “Best of luck to the FANS of both team”.

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