After heart attack

Rehabilitation after a heart attack is important (Modern Medical Guide; Revised edition by Harold Shryock, M.D). The patient recovering from a heart should have a bland diet, low in calories–so low that he loses some weight. As he improves, the number of calories in his daily diet can be raised to about 1500, which is still on the low side compared with the average diet for an adult.

Such a person should live at a slower pace than he is accustomed to until his heart has completely healed. If he has been a smoker, he should permanently discontinue the habit.

Men vs Women, during middle life a much higher percentage of men than women suffer from coronary heart disease. Between the ages of 30 and 59, more than four times as many men as women die from heart attack. After age 60, the incidence of heart attack among women begins to approach that of men. The reason for this difference in susceptibility of men and women to heart attack probably centers around the biologic advantage women have in their child-bearing period.

We should be careful and be caution toward our body. Health is wealth…

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