Attractive name for a sunglasses

I love wearing sunglasses, it hides my eye-bags and people won’t notice me if I stare at them and it adds good aura to the person wearing it. And wearing sunglasses helps my eyes from the heat of the sun especially during beach and hot weather season. A simple sunglasses would be nice but if I wear the Costa Del Mar Sunglasses it would be perfect for me. If I am not that attractive, my sunglasses would be. The name itself says it all, maybe wearing it feels like you been to costa rica or something. A beautiful place with blue and clean ocean, beautiful tourist wearing the same costa del mar sunglasses that I wear. What a lovely feeling would be or I can let the boyfriend wear it during bodybuilding competition as an additional effect aside from dancing like a robot. It would be a hit and if he wins maybe we can celebrate his winning in a beach. What do you think?

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