Coronary Candidates; Are you at risk?

Will a heart attack strike you or someone we love? At one time or another, most of us have considered this frightening possibility. Maybe a sharp little pain in the chest has aroused in us a secret fear that a heart attack was coming on. Or a friend or acquaintance has had a heart attack, suddenly awakening us to the real danger that lies so close at hand. How can we know if a heart attack is likely to strike you or someone we love?

The Risk Factors: Doctors cannot say or determine for certain that one person will have a heart attack and another will not. Nevertheless, they can quite accurately predict and say who is a likely candidate for heart disease. How? By looking at a certain basic factors in a person’s life. From years of intensive research and study on a large groups of people, doctors know what factors in your life put you at high or low risk of a heart attack.

Risk factors may be divided into those which are unchangeable and those which are changeable. Some of those factors are heredity, sex, race and age that cannot be change. Others are blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking habits, diet, weight, stress level, and regularity of exercise, can be modified if we are willing to make some lifesaving changes. It’s really up to us if we want to change it and be more observant and careful about our health. Always remember that we cannot say that we will have a heart attack that day. It will just strike like a thief in the night and it’s too late for us to call for help.

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