Learning a lot through reading

I read different kinds of books and magazines, but I certainly love to read pocketbooks because I can learn a lot from it. Not only about love and romance but as well as sports important gear and things that a sporty person should wear in a certain sports or hobby. I read a story, actually it was a series story about a group of rich bachelors who love and adore horses aside from their love interest and created a place that only the member of the club can ride and play polo or equestrian. The author would describe the man’s attire when riding a horse or play the polo and equestrian, that a reader would enjoy and love to dream and fantasize. How they perfectly and gorgeously wear their riding boots, riding helmets, and uniform that you feel like they’re real and you want to be a member and play the sports. Well, the story was focus about their love interest, the drill, the rich bachelors and their heroin. The romance and love but really aside from those things, we can also learn important reminder about the sports and games. That we should always wear the safety and precaution tools or whatever sporty materials that need to be safe every time.

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