Watching bodybuilding athletes videos for workout motivation

Bodybuilding is one of the few passions of my special someone. He really loves to workout everyday if his body allows him but he always sleep very very late because of his job. He gained some loyal and encouraging friends because of his bodybuilding passion and those friends are the ones who encourage him join bodybuilding competition. True friends are hard to friend but once found it and gain their trust, workouts and exchanging ideas are easy and fun with him. But aside from friends who encourage a friend to keep the goal going because he has a big potential in that area is one thing and watching his favorite bodybuilding athletes and heroes are another thing. He always Post videos in his personal social networks like FB of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he is still competing way way back and the new bodybuilding athlete like Jay Cutler (his idol) and many more keeps him motivated, alive and kicking; “No pain No gain” right?.

Aside from videos that are safely compile in the hard drive of my computer because all his USB are already full with videos and pictures of all his bodybuilding idol, photos of them as well are saved and compile in a folder. I keep telling him to removed it already because I don’t like the computer hanging because of too much save files in the hard drive. And most of the time I deleted some of those videos without telling him. I was thinking lately, maybe he just keep visiting me in the house because of those videos and photos because he always watching it almost every day. He even ask me to talk to my sister who live now in the states if he can ask them to buy him bodybuilding shirts, poster and other stuff of Jay Cutler and all his bodybuilding athletes idol because those items are hard to find here. But for now, watching their videos in doing workouts is enough for him.

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