When it comes to health, It’s better to be aware

As I was sharing about last weeks event, about my friend’s nosebleed problem. I took the chance in searching it online, since I still have my internet connection. Being aware and prepared for this kind of situation is really important for me. I was not able to help him with it the last time because I don’t know what to do. I just hand him a towel and stare at him will wiping the blood out of his nose. IN that way, you know what cause the nosebleeds and what to do if another situation occurs.

It says that nosebleeds, are a medical condition resulting from hemorrhaging in the nose and fairly common, as the nose is located in a vulnerable area and filled with blood vessels. In some cases, it can be severe and involve a large amount of bleeding. In other situations, the bleeding can be minor. Usually, the blood from nosebleeds drains externally from the nostrils. One of the most common types of nosebleeds results from the nasal membranes drying out, which causes them to crust over and crack. Individuals living in dry climates are more prone to these types of nosebleeds and these are more common in the winter, when indoor air becomes dried out from heating. Trauma is another cause of nosebleeds. The nose is quite sensitive and, therefore, can bleed fairly easily when hit or when fractured or if you under anti-inflammatory medications, warfarin, Coumadin, and aspirin.

Treatment for nosebleeds depends on the cause and the severity of the bleeding. In most cases, applying direct pressure to the nose can stop the bleeding. According to some experts, it is best to apply pressure on the bridge of the nose. Others believe it is best to place pressure on the fleshy area. Similarly, some experts feel it is best to tilt the head in a forward position in order to drain the blood out, while others believe it best to tilt the head backward in order to minimize the amount of blood loss.

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