A 20-minute Workout Plan

Continuation (6 to7) on the first 20-minute workout I already post a few weeks ago.  Hope this will help me and you to stay fit and healthy always but most especially this for those men who love to do exercise at home before going to work.

Do for time, resting as needed:

: 50 pull-ups

: 60 ring push-ups

: 70 sit-ups

: 80 squats


Ring Push-ups

Doing push-ups on unstable rings required way more efforts than doing them on floor.  Attach gymnastic rings or a pair of cable machine handles to a pull-up bar, and hang within 1 to 6 ins of the ground.  Kneel on the ground in the pre-push-up position, hold the rings steady and do your push-ups.


For time, 3 rounds in reps of 21, 15, and 9 of:


: Thrusters (with a bar)

: Pull-ups, switch pull-up grips between over-and underhand.



Like wall balls, except you use a bar, not a ball—and don’t let go.  Hold the bar with hands about a foot apart, lower into a squat, then trust upward.


7 rounds, for time, in reps of 21, 18,15,12,9,6, and 3 of:


: Dumbbell swings (with a dumbbell)

: Ball slams (with 20-lb ball)


Ball Slams

Hold a 20-lb non-bouncing medicine ball overhead, back arched.  In one motion, slam the ball to the ground between your knees as you drop into a squat, grab the ball, explode up to the start and repeat.


For time, do:
: 40 burpees
: 50 thrusters (with barbell)
: 30 pull-ups

Great for developing quickness and agility. Starting from standing positions, squat down with your hands on the ground in front of you and fling your legs backward into the lowered push-up position. Jump back up to your feet, then leap into the air.

3 rounds, for time, in reps of 21, 15, and 9 of:
: 135-lb dead lifts
: Handstand push-ups. Sub in shoulder presses as needed.

Handstand push-ups
Lean over and touch your foot from a wall. Throw one leg into the air, and push off with the other leg. With both feet touching the wall, lock your arms until you’re stable, then lower until your nose I 2 ins from the floor. Then push up until locked again.

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