For my DVD collection

Since I don’t have internet connection anymore and I can’t watch new movies online. I have no choice but to buy new DVD movies again like Ice age 4, Madagascar and many more. I stop buying dvd’s because I notice I luck space for a new dvd and I need to buy dvd rack first before I continue to collect dvd’s again. Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do while relaxing so I have to take care of my dvd collection all the time because once you take care of the things that is important to you like your heath or even your dvd collection, you can always benefit from it in the future. I was planning to make it a small business like allow the neighbors to rent some of it. Aside from earning money, it takes away you boredom most of the time as well. Keeping it organize and accessible is really one of my priority. The dvd racks will help me organize my dvd collection to the public and for myself always.

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