Making fitness program

Gym instructor usually make fitness program for their clients. That is one of the things i love doing. Friends i meet sometime ask for a fitness program. I have few magazines and books about bodybuilding program. What food would be eaten in the morning and what part of the body needs a lot of workouts. Watch videos of my FAV bodybuilding athletes about their daily routine and meals every day. Gym equipments that need to be lift for that particular body part.

In making fitness program, asking what is your main agenda or what part of your body parts that want to be focusing in that week is a must. It has to be step by step in doing workouts. Focus only that part that needs more attention like the biceps, abs, backs, and legs. Perfect movies break

Working every night (alternate schedule, 1week 7:00pm call time and 1week 4:30pm), six days a week, then go home at around 2:00am to 3:00am every morning. Sleep for 5 to 6 hours and go to the gym and do the daily workout routine. Sometime, doing all those everyday is tiring but it should be done if we want to achieve our goal and that’s to compete one of these days. Its fun thought going to the gym and have some fun doing workouts with the people that have the same goal in bodybuilding. But there’s always time that all we want is a little rest with all the daily routine fiasco. Aside from watching videos of the elite bodybuilding, watching movies is a good relaxation. For instance; the expendables movie (1), watching it on movies house is worth it. The cast was outstanding and amazing with all their big and buff muscles. You can help but think how many hours every day they do workouts and what kind of supplement their taking just to achieve that buff muscle.

Two to three hours workout everyday is enough if you have busy daily routine and a few hours sleep every day. The goal is to stay healthy and at the same time have a body like Jay Cutler or Arnold Schwarzenegger not kills itself.
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