A Fun Hobby and Talent

Some people are lucky because with their great talent, and some are both posses great talent and a nice voice. For instance, my favorite artist, not only posses a very nice voice but knows how to compose songs and play some instruments. And I love watching him play the electric guitar on stage. I don’t know what brand of guitar he uses because I don’t really knows much about guitar brand and the likes. All I know is that he is really cute and very cool while playing that instrument.

And just like my favorite artist, my cousin also knows and owns an electric guitar. That was a gift from his father and just bought it especially for him in the states because his father is a seaman. A very cool and sophisticated electric guitar just for my cousin. Too bad I don’t know how to play the guitar or any musical instrument. I could have borrowed it for him and jam with my friends during weekends after our workouts because that is the only time we can be together.

That cousin of mine loves to collect guitar as a hobby and he really had a talent when it comes to musical instruments. He knows how to operate and play the organ and the electric guitar as well.

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