Caring for your eye when using computer all the time

The world today is evolving fast, from high-tech gadget to children and adults always use and in-front of the computer. To play the IN games or do online business for hours. Staring at my laptop screen for many hours is what I do almost every day and most of the time I find myself experiencing headache, blurred vision and drying of my eyes. How can we minimize it?
Eye-care specialists are seeing more problems among regular computer users. Why not we try some of these tips to minimize computer related problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches:

Take frequent breaks from using our computers.
… Make an effort to blink more.
… Reduce screen glare by relocating lamps, covering windows, and attaching glare filters to our computer monitor.
… Choose a light screen with dark letters. It’s easiest on the eyes.

May be these few tips can scare some of our eye problem while using computers all the time. There is no harm in doing what you think is best for your health especially the windows of our soul, “our eyes”.

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