Road Runner

.Photo not mine.

Marathon, the sole event in the early Olympics, must already be very tired running the trucks of history from 490B.C. to the present. But instead of collapsing down the stretch of the ages, it has gained strength in the growing number of supporters who have learned to love the game. To many, marathon is a symbol of endurance, strength and courage. In the Philippines, marathon was popularized mainly by Jose Castro and MILO. The first official full race was held in Roxas City in April 1968.

Nowadays, we see many Filipino people joining marathons not really for the prize money but for the fun of it. Young people and adult are in to marathon for health benefits such as weight control, body fitness and cure from illnesses are also among their reasons and don’t forget to help also other people. And the only thing to find this out is to run and see for ourselves.

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