Talking about Vegetable Diet

Some people would prepare eating vegetable for their diet, and we all know that vegetable are healthy and good for our body. That is why they create advertisement and government program that promotes eating vegetables especially the kids. But there are still some people worries that vegetable diet will be short of protein, but that is not the case. Plenty of protein can be obtain from the great variety of nuts, seeds, pulses, cereals and soya products (such as tofu) which are now widely available and from eggs and milk products. It was once thought that plant proteins were inferior to animal proteins being deficient in some amino acids. It is now known that a mixture of plant proteins complement one another. For example, a shortage of an amino acid in one plant food such as pulses is counterbalance by an excess of that amino acid in a different plant food such as cereal. Protein combinations such as beans on toast, rice and lentils, bean stew with pot barley, oats and nuts provide very high quality protein. All in all, vegetable are really healthy because they create products that compose of vegetable so people who don’t like eating pure vegetable have alternative.

Many vegetable foods are fortified with vitamins and vegetarians obtain iron from dried fruit, leafy green vegetables, whole wheat flour, pulses, oats, nuts and brown rice. They obtain calcium from cheese, nuts, sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables and soybeans. So we have to thanks the vegetarian people that have been responsible for the invention of foods such as peanut butter, cornflakes, muesli and high-protein vegetable food made to taste like meat.

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