A Worthy Collection

As I was watch the show on TV today, one of the artists are talking about her experience. I follow that artist career, when she was a little girl until now. I never though she will be a singer because she is a good actress when she was little. But anyway, her first album was a hit to young people because she really has a nice voice plus the fact that she knows how to play the guitar. She says that when she was still starting to discover her talent, she already loves to sing and one day she bought a complete album of her favorite artist, a legend in that matter. And we all know that old music is still the best compare today’s music and that is one of the reasons why she wants to learn how to play the guitar. And since she is a big and well-known artist right now, she can afford collecting all the guitar she likes. And I got the chance again to listen to her music and envy at the same time because she can really play the guitar very well. If I really know how to play guitar, I would love to own the same guitar she’s using and collecting as well.

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