Buying Ponds for the Face

I am not that vain when it comes to making my skin smooth and silky like some women. I don’t even apply astringent for my face or facial wash. I only use soap unlike my sisters who loves to buy and use astringent and facial wash. But lately, I’ve been noticing wrinkles and my face skin is a bit dark from too much sunlight. So, I buy myself a ponds facial wash and a sun block for protect my face from the heat of the sun and dust. This would be my first time to be more beauty cousin regarding my skin. We need to take care of our skin to be more presentable and pretty always.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it is still nice if other people find you pretty in their eyes. Having a nice skin means you take care of you self pretty well and good skin means good health. Next will be applying astringent, whitening product then vitamins for the skin within. Hehehehe…

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