Depression Self-assessment

I just read this and though it would be helpful to us all. This self-assessment can help indicate if we may be experiencing depression and should seek medical care. You can answer the following question and see if you experiencing depression and you don’t recognize it.

Yes     No
(   )     (   )   1. Are you in good spirit most of the time?

(   )     (   )   2. Do you feel full of energy?

(   )     (   )   3. Have you dropped many of your activities and interest?

(   )     (   )   4. Do you often feel helpless?

(   )     (   )   5. Do you feel you have more problems with memory than do most people?

(   )     (   )   6. Do you feel pretty worthless the way you are now?

(   )     (    )  7. Do you feel that your life is empty?

(   )     (   )   8. DO you feel that your situation is helpless?



If you answer Yes to question 1 & 2, you are likely not depress (although these can indicate the manic phase of bipolar disorder).

Answering Yes to most or all of the other questions strongly suggest that you are depressed and should talk to your doctor about your self-assessment result.

You can test this test or not, it is up to you, anyway, there is nothing wrong if we do it right?   What is important is you know yourself enough to recognize if your depress or not.



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