The Package Has Arrived

The sister sent us package months ago and it finally arrives in our door step. She sent mostly vitamins for my parents and few of her old clothes, bags, shoes and swimsuits. I was very happy and excited to try the swimsuit even-though I can’t wear them because I seldom go swimming and that seldom moment I always wear shorts and t-shirts because I don’t want people get scandalized when they saw me wearing one of the sister’s cute swimsuit. It is different here and abroad, will except for those beaches like boracay and palawan. Foreigner and Filipino wear skimpy bikinis and swimsuits because people there are use to it, unlike here. So, anyways, I love some of the vitamins because I don’t have money to buy for myself, good thing the sister was kind enough to sent us plenty. And she even include whey supplement but of course the boyfriend had to pay for it. There is no such thing as free supplement these days, hehehe. And it is cheaper if you buy it in the US than here. They already put the amount for the freight, custom and all that is why it is more expensive here. Well, I just wish I can wear those cute swimsuits one of these days because I already use the bags and clothes except for the sandals, it is a bit small for my feet but I definitely took the rubber shoes for jogging purposes and all. hehehe

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