Useful for Medical Emergency Situation

Yesterday while riding a public transformation going home. Traffic is unbearable aside from the heavy rain. I wanted to go home early because I have to feed the pets and I am hungry as well but just like I said the traffic is hard to endure. Then we heard an ambulance siren trying to get through to the heavy traffic and we all know that it’s an emergency, we have to slow down and give way to the ambulance. I never experience riding an ambulance before but I already get the glimpse of the passenger inside the ambulance. She had a mask on and dextrose attach to her. Unexpected emergencies are hard especially if your far from the hospital, that is why ambulance and other medical equipment are very useful and helpful to the hospitals, doctors and medical attendant but most especially the sick patient who needs medical attention right away. A state of the art ambulance and other medical equipment is important in order to help people who is sick and far from the hospitals

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