Window shopping, I Like!

Since Christmas is only few months away, I was thinking of buying myself a jogging outfit. A gift for myself for being lazy this past months and the jogging outfit will remind me that I have to exercise everyday for my health. A few hours of jog or maybe just walk my pets in the neighborhood as an exercise because lately I been restless. I always stay at home in front of my computer most of the time and sometime just lying in my bed because I don’t have anything else to do. I need to energize my body and mind, so I can do progressive job and be consistent in doing household choirs.

The one thing that I am consistent is going to the mall and window shop until my feet’s hurt. I love window shopping despite the fact that I don’t have a lot of money to buy the things I want for myself. I have to learn to budget my money and spend it wisely. And as early as today, I already look for that cute exercise outfit and grab the opportunity visiting Retail Store Displays and do window shopping especially today that some malls are already having sale display. I can choose and pick the quality and affordable outfit for me.

Well, I think window shopping is somewhat a walking exercise to me minus the comfortable walking shoes and other outfit. It’s better than just sit and get bored at home right? Good thing there are malls and retail store that display beautiful and quality items and products.

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