Always on the Watch

Having an internet connection allows us to surf, chat, watch movies online and most of all download movies all the time. We don’t have to visit often the video store to look for movies, cooking show, workout DVD or any shows that we like to watch. We just need to search for a site and look for it and presto!Movie marathon is not a problem and expensive anymore.

I am more on an online watcher than downloading kind of person. I don’t have a lot of patient when it comes to waiting for movies I download to finish. If I like to watch a certain show online, I would watch it right away but the special person is a different story. What I don’t like about downloading movies or shows is it occupy space on the laptops hard drive ,and that most of the time will lead to slow loading of site and unexpected shut down of Mr. lappy (my laptop) when I’m in the middle of my writing moment.

The special someone always on the watch to his precious and only love, collecting WWE fights (wrestling), UFC and documentary or video of his most loved bodybuilding. I don’t really mind if he downloads hundreds of that videos and shows, as long as he will delete it after watching. I always told him to delete those videos that he already finish to watch or burn it on a DVD but as always, he would just say yes or later and if I will delete it he would get angry. And now, he has tones of videos of WWE, UFC and bodybuilding, he even compile photos of his bodybuilding idol’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Markus Rhul to name a few. Well, I just hope he will save those videos in his USB before Mr. lappy retired (praying will not happen).

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